What They Say

Athena, Female, 15 years old, student

If there is one word to describe all my sessions with Coach Beth it would be awakening. It was my first time to have a third perspective view and it really went well. She gave me tips on how to further enhance how I deal with my emotions and how to face them head on.  Since I am into literature, she told me to release my emotional stress by writing. Everything that she told me to do helped me become a better version of myself. She was a very good listener and she sure can give some comments and explanations about your problem as if she was there during those times. Every session, I was always excited to tell my story through Sandplay. It made me picture myself in every step of the way through every character or icon I put in the sand.
I have observed that I became more mature when I handle my problems; thanks to all the advices she gave me. Ever since, I started sessions with her, more doors and opportunities opened for me. It made me realize my worth and the people who are still there for me rather than those whom I lost. Basically, it taught me how to learn to love and forgive myself because in the end, “Awakening doesn’t come to you, you find it in you”– Anonymous.

Diana, Female, 55 years old, mother

I decided to let my 16 year old daughter try the sand therapy with Coach Beth. My daughter was having anxiety attacks and making self harming actions for months, which made us so worried she will lose it in the end, if remained untreated. She was with 2 other therapists before but she won’t come back after 5-10 sessions as she feels it is not helping her situation.

With Coach Beth, My daughter finds her therapy sessions very helpful and relaxing. She is gaining back her confidence now and no more self harming episodes for the past 8 months. She can handle stressful situations positively now and is more active in school organizations.

Thank you Coach Beth for being patient with my daughter. I found the perfect partner for my daughter’s journey to complete self healing.

Teddy, Male, 18 years old, Second Year College Student

I first sought help from Coach Beth when I knew my world was crumbling down into pieces, like granules of salt. During those dark times, I felt that it’s finished, it’s a done deal. Nobody likes me, everyone hates me. There is no way out except to take my own life, but it’s a good thing I did not do that because Coach Beth rescued me from committing the biggest stupidity in my whole life. When everything crumbled and when everyone turned their backs on me, she was the only person who listened to me, cared to understand each story I share with her, even though some are already redundant and sometimes petty. With Coach Beth, it’s just like talking to your long lost pal. No intimidation whatsoever. Her sessions were really life-changing. It is like a 360-degree reformation program. Coach Beth always reminds me that life here on earth is not like a garden full of fresh flowers, thus, I must always fight and refuse to be a slave of other’s perceptions. I must wake up to the reality that life out there is not always fair, most of the time, life would unwittingly kick you in the ass so hard, so you must be aware all the time. We worked on regaining my confidence once again and now I am not afraid to take a stand anymore. I also learned that you cannot control others, but yourself, and that’s what I am applying right now. If they can’t learn to appreciate my value, I just simply shrug them off and continue with my everyday routine.

With Coach Beth, I found in her, not just a friend, but a confidante and a mother as well. Why? It is because she goes beyond the usual norm of life coaches/psychologists. Coach Beth serves with a smile and with a heart. I salute Coach Beth for her motherly service.

Leo, Male, 35, Senior Manager

“I have always believed that the first step to improvement is recognizing that you are not perfect. However, we are so used to doing what we are doing that sometimes recognizing our flaws, or that our usual propensities should be considered our flaws, is really difficult. This is where I found Coach Beth’s help very valuable. She helped me realize who I was as a person, i.e., my personality, traits, and natural tendencies. After that, my path to improvement just came naturally with Coach Beth’s guidance. Session after session, I became more and more conscious and mindful of the traits and qualities that I needed to change or improve on. And at the end of it all, I can honestly say that I was not only a more effective leader, but a better person. I had a deeper understanding of who I am and more control over my actions because of the discipline Coach Beth helped me develop.”

Kalikasan, Female, 39 years old, Head of Human Capital

My life was out of balance at that time and I observed changes in my behavior. I was also on denial stage – I can’t believe that it happened in my life in spite of my career and happy single life.

The session with Coach Beth was very helpful, and her advice guided me to move forward, embrace changes, be open to opportunities and find the light that will make me happy. It guided me to find myself again, discovering my self and balance it by engaging openly with friends, family, colleagues, relatives and possible life partner. Discovering my self makes my life vulnerable but it helps me to understand the how to move and try new things.

The value I gained from the session is that we are not alone and its fine to say I’m out of balance today, or I’m not happy today because there are people in this planet that love you and care for you. All you have to do is say it or ask, communicate and be honest to people that love you.

Nina, housewife/writer

My name is Nina and I’m a housewife. I had a nervous breakdown in 2012 and would have one every year after that. I was looking for a different kind of therapy when I found Coach Beth online. I found an article which said that Coach Beth conducted a workshop on Sandplay Therapy for the ADHD Society of the Philippines. I didn’t know what Sandplay Therapy was but it sounded interesting. As a writer, I liked how it felt that I was telling stories when I’d choose from Coach Beth’s huge array of toys and figurines and arrange it on a tray of sand. Later on, I found it as a soothing, unobtrusive, and easy way of visualizing what was in my subconscious. Coach Beth got to the heart of the matters that I was going through and I will always be grateful to her for helping me process the issues I had difficulty with working out on my own.

Rodel, Senior Director

I feel very fortunate that Beth helped me in my professional leadership journey. Beth is a great coach. She helped me appreciate the areas of opportunities that have marked impact on my leadership presence in Misys Manila.

She always provided me with great insights, relatable stories and kept me committed by regularly tracking progress. I always walked away from the sessions with a new, clear, perspective on how to approach my work challenges.

Her passion in coaching allowed me to get the most out of our coaching sessions.
I am always grateful on how Beth helped me push my limits and discovered my potential as a leader.